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Our products around the world


  • A selection of the best wines, by our Cellar Masters,
  • A natural fermentation,
  • A varied range of blends: Blanc de Blancs, Organics, Rosés or red wines,
  • Classic, trendy and top-of-the-range presentations,
  • Multiple formats.

And strong International Brands.

Pierre Larousse

Fine wine quality and refinement

The perfect choice for all your celebrations, with its elegant, refined presentation. Pierre Larousse is a high-quality sparkling wine created as a blend of different wines selected from the best vineyards. The grape varieties’ quality and a slow second fermentation (minimum of six months) bestow Pierre Larousse wines with their fine bubbles and fruity aromas.


Without PDO* These are traditional methods with a minimum of 9 month of fermentation in bottle, such as our flagship brands PAUL LOUIS, B FRANCOIS and DE MEYRAN.

Crémants PDO*
We are present in two beautiful regions of wines :
• The Loire valley with our brand J. de Villaret
• Alsace with our brand Louis Mayer

Saumur PDO* The Loire Valley also offers us this remarkable appellation, available, among others, under our brand J. de Villaret – Cuvée Réservée.     

*Protected Designation of Origin     


Cocktails that we want:
• Filled with delicately fruity flavours,
• Low in alcohol (5.5% vol),
• Low in sugar,
• Low in calories.

The recipe for success for an authentic fruit taste.

Our flagship range Sensation: A fresh and dynamic design, available in Peach, Blackcurrant or Lychee 75 cl. And our oenologists develop new varieties every year, all equally fruity and innovative. 

To be tasted!


Our export brands are regularly awarded and recognized internationally