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Pierre Larousse
Fine Wine Quality and Refinement

The perfect choice for all your celebrations, with its elegant, refined presentation.
Pierre Larousse is a high-quality sparkling wine created as a blend of different wines selected from the best vineyards.
The quality of the varieties and a slow secondary fermentation (minimum of six months) bestow Pierre Larousse wines with their fine bubbles and fruity aromas.

The Charmat Method

The wines contributing to the assemblage of our Charmat Method sparkling wines were selected for their bouquet and freshness, ensuring a refined flavour.
To meet the needs of all our customers, our Charmat Method sparkling wines are available in two presentations:

  • Either with a real cork and smooth foil cap,
  • Or with a plastic cork and crinkled foil cap.

From White to Rosé, Brut to Doux, our assemblages are offered in various formats to meet your needs and adapt to all markets:

Traditional Method

Without a specificorigin

We offer wines in the Traditional Method segment with our Paul Louis brand, which is available in a more festive rosé version.

Crémant AOP
Three regions, three reasons to choose our wines: Bourgogne, Alsace and of course the Loire, with the J. de Villaret line in White and Rosé.

Saumur AOP
And to complement our range, our Saumurs, including our J. de Villaret Reserve vintage, among others.

Flavoured Cocktails

Our wine-based flavoured cocktails range includes:

A refreshing line, available in Peach, Cassis or Lychee.

A food-lover’s line, available in Peach, Cassis or Lychee.

All of these original cocktails have a low alcohol content (5.5% or 6.5%). Perfectly balanced, they have sweet, smooth, fruity aromas, a lively, persistent refreshment.

of Pierre Larousse

2016 Gold Medal at the
Lyon International competition

Depuis 2009 Silver Medal (Effervescents du Monde)

2011 / 2013 / 2016 Gold Medal at Chardonnay of the world competition

2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2012 / 2014 / 2015 Silver Medal at Chardonnay of the world competition