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Brut / Demi-sec / Rosé

Crafted from a selection of the finest white wines, aged naturally for at least six months, Charles VOLNER Brut offers a rich, flavourful bouquet. Best served between 8° and 10°C, and ideally as a “pure” standalone beverage or in a “Kir Royale” cocktail for your aperitif.


A new, friendly, practical bottle designed for “date night” with nothing but advantages :

  • No waste: the ideal size for two people
  • Optimal serving
  • A perfect choice for an impromptu aperitif, as the small bottle can be chilled more quickly.


With “Les Minis” you will enjoy all the pleasure of Charle VOLNER Brut or Demi-sec in a tiny, elegant and convenient format, within a small gift box.

  • Easy opening
  • The best anwser for any occasion: :
    • Ideal for an individual consumption
    • Easy to take anywhere
    • Perfect to create original cocktails (few red berrys in a glass will inhance its flavour)


The Cuvée Colombard offers the perfect alliance of refreshment and lightness conceived by Charles VOLNER! A blend of delicate flavours and refreshing sensations,
Charles VOLNER Cuvée Colombard stands out for its fruity, slightly acidic flavour, with peach and citrus notes.
At only 6.5% alcohol, this wine was voted Saveur de l’année (Flavour of the Year) by customers when it was launched.


2016 Flavor of the year
Silver Medal (Elle à Table)

2012 Silver Medal (Mondiale du Rosé)

2015 Silver Medal (Effervescents du Monde)

2010 Silver Medal (Effervescents du Monde)

2014 Bronze Medal (Concours des Vinalies Nationales)

2008 Silver Medal (Effervescents du Monde)