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Muscador in Muscat White and Rosé varieties

The typical qualities of MUSCADOR come from an “aromatic” type of Muscat variety, with a persistent “Muscat” note.
The Rosé has prominent floral notes, while the White stands apart for its fruitier flavours (lychee notes in particular).

MUSCADOR White and Rosé are best served very cool, between 6° and 8°C, as an aperitif, a dessert wine or other sweet moments of the day.

Also available internationally in 20cl

Muscador Shake

An explosion of flavour and bubbles that shake your taste buds !
Beverages with surprising flavour and less than 10% alcohol.
Discover :

  • Fruity, expressive aromas of Morello Cherries and a Cranberry acidic twist
  • The bold refreshment of Lemon, the vegetal flavour of Cactus and the spice of Ginger.
  • The refreshment of Pineapple paired with Mango’s exotic flavour, elevated by a subtle Chili hint.
  • The exotic note of Guava, the sweetness of Grapes, accented with a touch of Black Pepper.

Original cocktails best served very cool, but not shaken !

Trendy cocktails with maximum refreshment !
Flavoured cocktails, right on trend, in a frosted glass bottle, with 9.5% alcohol :

  • Mojitiiissimo: The refreshment of Mint, paired with the potency of Lime and a touch of rum flavour
  • Tequiliiissimo: The refreshing flavour of Orange and the potency of Red Fruits, with a touch of Tequila.


2016 Flavour of the year (Muscador)
Flavour of the year (Muscador Shake)

2016 Flavour of the year (Muscador)
Flavour of the year (Muscador Shake)

2015 Gold Medal (Muscats du Monde)