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Special occasions are no longer required to open a bottle. With MUSCADOR, all you need is the desire to share beautiful bubbles.

Discover MUSCADOR with its natural cork and thermo-sensitive label (which indicates when the bottle has reached the perfect serving temperature), and drink in the sunny bubbles.

The typical qualities of MUSCADOR come from an “aromatic” type of Muscat variety, with its floral and fruitier flavours.

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Cépage Muscat Blanc

MUSCADOR Cépage Muscat Blanc stands apart for its fruitier flavours of citrus and lychee and for its freshness on the palate.

It will go along with all your consumption moments in all simplicity. Best served very cool, between 6° and 8°C.

Cépage Muscat Rosé

MUSCADOR Cépage Muscat Rosé has prominent subtle floral notes of jasmine and rose associated with delicate fruitier flavours of lemongrass.

Best served very cool, between 6° and 8°C, as an aperitif or other sweet moments of the day.

Also available internationally in 20 cl

M by Muscador

Une nouvelle gamme issue de cépages Muscat Petit Grains 100% français.

M by Muscador PINK LABEL se distingue par un bouquet très expressif, équilibré entre des notes fruitées et des notes gourmandes.

A déguster à l’apéritif ou au dessert.


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