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Our website uses cookies installed by CFGV or by third parties to enhance your browsing experience and collect usage statistics. The purpose of this policy is to explain what cookies are, how they are used on this website and how to manage them.


  • Definition

Cookies are small text, image or software files that are installed and stored on your computer, smartphone or any other device you use to browse a website.

Certain cookies are required in order to use the website, while others enhance your browsing experience or are used to gather statistics. The lifespan of these cookies varies depending on their purpose. Some are removed as soon as you leave the website, while others remain on your device until they expire or until you delete them.

Cookies make it possible for websites to remember you, record a visit to a specific page, or provide you with an additional service: enhanced browsing, securing your connection, or adapting a page’s contents to reflect your interests.

Information stored by cookies (for a limited period of time) includes the pages you visit, the advertisements you click on, your browser, IP address, and any information you enter on a website (so that you don’t have to enter it again). We suggest that you read the following information carefully, to better understand what kinds of cookies we use and how you can customize your cookie preferences.

  • Types of cookies we may use on our website

The website may use cookies that do not require consent in order to be stored on your device, as well as cookies that require your consent to be stored on your device.

Required cookies (NOT requiring prior consent):

These are essential cookies that ensure that the website functions properly and that you can access its features. These cookies may make it possible to adapt how the website is displayed, in line with your device preferences (display resolution, operating system, etc.) when you visit our websites, depending on the hardware and the display or reading software your device uses.

To ensure that the cookies function properly and that your preferences are saved, these cookies will not be deleted after you’ve finished browsing.

However, these cookies shall expire after no more than two years, at which point they will be automatically deactivated.

Required cookies do not need prior consent: we automatically install them on your device when you visit the website or make specific selections on the website (for example, when you select your cookie preferences).

You can delete these cookies later by opening your browser settings (more information provided below).

Analytical performance cookies (requiring prior CONSENT):

These are cookies that enable us to track usage and how the website is used, thereby improving how it functions. These cookies can be installed by the company or by third-party service providers. The analytical cookies used on our website enable us to count visitors and traffic, so that we can measure the website’s performance and make improvements, offering users an optimal experience.

The information collected by these cookies is aggregated so that it cannot be linked to any individual user (anonymous data).

You are free to accept or reject these cookies from your initial visit, and can disable them at a later date via the cookie management platform (see bottom of page).

Which service providers are likely to collect cookies?

  • AXEPTIO: AXEPTIO is our platform for collecting and managing user consent (CMP). Axeptio lets you decide how your personal data is used. For more information on AXEPTIO’s privacy policy, please visit:
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS: GOOGLE ANALYTICS collects data for statistical purposes. This data makes it possible to analyse and measure visits to our website. All of the data collected helps us deepen our understanding of user browsing habits and improve their experience accordingly (example of type of data collected: number of visits, number of pages visited, time spent on each page). For more information, please visit:
  • GOOGLE ADWORDS: GOOGLE ADWORDS collects data about the content you view on our website, in order to display personalised ads when you visit other sites. For more information on Google’s privacy policy, please visit:
  • FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK collects data on the pages you visit, in order to personalise ads you later see on Facebook and Instagram. To deactivate this kind of advertising or for more information on Facebook’s privacy policy, please visit:


  • What are your cookie options?

Some cookies are automatically installed on your device without you being able to reject them, as they serve certain specific purposes. There are several ways you can manage your cookie preferences. The preferences you select may affect your browsing on our Website and access to certain services that require the use of cookies. Installing these cookies is not mandatory and you can configure your browser to prevent cookies from being installed. Your browser can also be set up so that it notifies you of cookies that are installed on your device and asks you to accept or reject them. You can accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis, or systematically reject them. Your choices are not final and you can change them at any time via the methods set out below.

Option 1 – Accept the cookies

A cookie can only be stored on a device with the user’s consent. If you agree to the installation of cookies on your computer, the cookies on the pages you visit and content you view may be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your device. They can only be read by the issuer.

Option 2 – Reject the cookies

You can decline cookies at any time. In this case, you may no longer be able to access or view certain features. Where applicable, we decline any and all liability for consequences relating to an impaired functioning of our services resulting from an inability to record or view the cookies required for their proper functioning, and which you have refused or deleted.


How can you set your preferences in your browser?

Each browser’s configuration is different in terms of cookie preferences. It is described in your browser’s help section, which shows you how to modify your cookie preferences.


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