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TOURNAN-EN-BRIE (Headquarter)

This site, located in France, is the French largest producer of non-champagne sparkling wines. Production reached nearly 45 million bottles in 2023. The site is equipped with latest technological innovations in processing and bottling. The two recently installed bottling lines can produce nearly 36.000 bottles every hour. Our oenologists’ expertise allows us to produce and package, on site, other sparkling wines for export or private labels, in addition to our flagship brands : Charles VOLNER, OPÉRA and Muscador.

La maison Veuve Amiot (Pays de la Loire)

Since 1884, this famous estate has been producing sparkling wines according to French “Traditional Method”. Production reached 4 million bottles in 2023.
The 5 km of cellars, burrowed deep in the “tufa”, house the wines produced according to the Traditional Method as they age.
The brand Veuve Amiot is available in Saumur and Crément de Loire varieties.