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Food safety

We maintain excellent control of our processes through specific monitoring procedures and targeted actions resulting from HACCP risk assessments.
We also pay particular attention to monitoring upstream industries, by performing audits on our suppliers and implementing a strict quality control plan as determined in response to our risk assessment.


Our staff members record the batches of raw materials used, at each stage of the production and packaging processes.
This ensures that we have a complete traceability file for each finished product that leaves our sites, associated with a batch number indicated on the bottle (laser-engraved on the glass or ink-jet printed on the foil cap or on the bottle).
It is therefore possible to access information, extremely quickly, on the full ingredients of a bottle, its production records, and all the details of its journey from the site to the customer.

Analytical monitoring

In order to guarantee that our products are of the highest quality, we ensure that they comply with all regulations and specifications, at each stage of the production process. Certain analyses are essential before advancing to the next stage of the process (e.g. acceptance of delivered wines).
Our wines are analysed by our internal laboratories and tasted by our oenologists and experts, throughout their development in our cellars, and during the packaging process.
This quality management system enables us to ensure complete satisfaction for our customers and consumers.